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Lasers are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery.  Lasers replace scalpels in many procedures and are useful for a wide range of conditions.  Lasers can also be used for therapeutic reasons also including reducing inflammation for skin issues, post surgery healing, wound care, etc.

Surgical Lasers

Surgical lasers have become a very important part of veterinary medicine.  The surgical laser can be used for a variety of different procedures, including: spay, neuter, tumor removal, dental surgery, and much more.  The surgical laser works by generating an intense beam of light.  This beam of light actually replaces the traditional scalpel blade.  Laser energy instantly vaporizes the water found in tissues allowing it to "cut" or essentially remove extremely small area's of tissue.  The energy seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it moves through the tissue resulting in less bleeding, less pain, and virtually no trauma to surrounding tissue.

Benefits of the surgical Laser: 

  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Extreme precision
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Quicker recovery

Therapeutic Lasers

MLS therapy is a new therapy for treating pain, inflammation and to assist wound healing.  MLS therapy works by using both continuous laser emissions and pulse laser emissions.  These emissions act fast on inflammation, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and inducing fast re-absorption of fluid build ups; and by interfering with the transmission of the pain impulse to the higher brain centers, therefore inducing analgesia and reducing pain.  Depending on your pets condition, most treatments take 3-8 minutes.  Once a diagnosis has been established your pet will not require any blood tests, restraint, sedation or anesthesia, to take part in a treatment.  To ensure that this experience is pleasant and comforting for your pet we offer clients to be present during each treatment.

Most Common Therapy Indications:

  • Pain relief
  • Back and joint pain
  • Post surgery pain relief
  • Wound healing
  • Inflammatory conditions


  • Accelerated tissue repair and cell regrowth
  • Faster wound healing
  • Decreases edema
  • Reduced fibrous tissue formation
  • Anti inflammation
  • Pain Relief
  • Increase nerve function
  • Increase vascular and metabolic activity
  • Immediate results most treated pets feel better with in 12 to 24 hours after treatment