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Animal Dental Center of WNY

Welcome to the Animal Dental Center of WNY. Since 1990, Dr. Hansen has been providing dental care and expertise to the WNY area veterinarians , clients, and our patients.  The animal dental center of WNY provides basic oral health examinations and cleanings, as well as advanced dental care such as root canals, fracture repairs, and oral surgery.  Our dental facilities are equipped with a state of the art dental unit, a digital dental radiography unit, anesthetic protocols that are customized for each patient and computerized dental charting software to monitor your pet. 

We are dedicated to working closely with clients and your primary care veterinarian who entrust us to provide a variety of services involving all conditions of the teeth and mouth, which will help keep your pet healthy.  It is our goal to provide comfort to the patient, while at the same time eliminating infection, promoting normal mouth function, and improving the overall quality of your pets life.

Dr. Hansen sees clients on a referral base only.  To make an appointment to see Dr. Hansen you need to be referred by your regular veterinarian.  Dr. Hansen does consultations on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and Friday mornings.  At this appointment he will examine your pets mouth, discuss your options, and put together an estimate for a possible procedure. We can then go ahead and schedule the procedure.